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Christmas at the hairdressers.

Anyone who works in retail or hair and beauty will tell you that December is a brutal working month.  A lot of office workers are winding down, but for us, things just get busier and busier. As a result of this, I have not been writing much.  With a week left until the big day, let’s discuss what Christmas is like at the hairdressers.

Last minute cancellations/getting an appointment.

To be perfectly honest, as much as we beg of you not to do this as it means we lose money, sometimes I’m actually grateful for a moment to breathe.  Please understand it is highly unlikely your hairdresser will be able to fit you in before Christmas, unless of course someone else cancels. 

If you are desperate for an appointment before the festive season, do ask to go on the cancellation list.  Christmas is a time when a lot of people panic book, in the same way your mum always buys way too much food because the shops close for a day, people book appointments they don’t end up needing.   Last minute cancellations happen a lot at this time of year, so get on that list and you may just get lucky.


To anyone that brings gifts, thank you.  Whenever a stylist walks into the staff room with a box of chocolates or biscuits for everyone from a client, we all declare our love for them.  It is extremely thoughtful and doesn’t go unnoticed.  A lot of the time it’s all we have time to eat on the last few days before Christmas.  Also, don’t forget your salon’s front of house, whether it be a team of them or one person, they are the ones who make everything happen. 

Christmas music.

If your salon doesn’t play Christmas music (I imagine most won’t), it’s not because they aren’t feeling festive.  It’s more because some people can spend 3-4 hours in the salon, and in that time, they may begin to lose their sanity if we played festive songs on repeat.  Also, people see a visit to the salon as a bit of time away from everything.  For this reason, we like to keep it festive, but subtle.

Have your consultations and skin tests now.

January is around the corner, and the time for ‘new year, new me’.  It is always an absolute joy to be able to transform someone’s hair and help them recreate the best new version of themselves.  But, without having up to date skin tests or a thorough consultation prior to the transformation, it may not be possible to book your appointment.  If you think you may want to have a big change in the new year, it would be wise to begin the process now.  Getting an appointment in January may be easier than getting one in December, but we need to have an idea of what to book you in for and tick off all the safety/legal precautions.

Time is against us all.

We do appreciate that outside of having your hair done, you do have other priorities.  Unfortunately, we can sometimes run a bit behind when trying to squeeze everyone in.  Please let the front of house, or stylist know if you are on a time crunch, or by all means ask if they are running on time.  This is an acceptable question to ask and will not be perceived as rude.  It is better to address this immediately so that we can coordinate and make sure we have you out on time.  This may mean getting someone to shampoo your hair or prepare your colour, to get things moving for you.

Be nice.

I understand everyone is stressed, but being grumpy will get you no-where.  This applies to all aspects of life.  Commuting in the dark takes its toll on us all, but a smile at a passing stranger is enough to lift their spirits.  The 21st December is nearly here, and with that being the shortest day, I have a firm belief that I will wake up on the 22nd and it will practically be summer.  It won’t.  but we’re nearly over the worst of the winter blues.  Compliment people, be grateful, tell your hairdresser they look nice (even though they look like death) and you will also feel better.

Heck, be hungover.

It’s okay to be dying of a hangover at 9am Saturday morning.  We’ve all been there, ask for an extra long head massage if time permits, and try eating a biscuit with your coffee. 

Spread the festive cheer.

That’s my final note, really.  Be kind, and be merry.  Have a wonderful Christmas, may 2020 be the year of good hair.  I’m off to run myself ragged for a week, surrounded by wonderful people, and giving guests their ultimate festive hair goals.

Merry Christmas,

The Hair Bones.




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