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Allow me to introduce myself, & The Hair Bones blog.

The hardest part of starting a blog is coming up with a witty name for it.  At the time of writing this I have yet to come up with something…  The second hardest part is kicking the whole thing into action, once I’d come up with the concept, it took a whole heap of motivation and keyboard hacking before it reached your screen.

The idea behind this blog is to answer some of the most common questions I get asked as a hairdresser, and to help anyone who may be having hair woes.  I am aware there are tons of fantastic hair and beauty blogs out there, but I want to try hit on more than just what the latest products are, I want people to understand that hairdressers aren’t evil beings set out to destroy and shatter all your hair dreams.

My days are currently spent working behind a chair hairdressing, where I have been for the last 10 years.  Prior to that I was a young whippersnapper chasing my dream of becoming a music journalist, interviewing my favourite bands and reviewing gigs on a regular basis for local and international magazines.  At some point I had to get a real job (you were right, dad) and my writing fell by the wayside, but it’s always been a huge passion that has once again bubbled to the surface of my being and is now expressing itself on this very page you are reading.

I’ve always been a slightly self-conscious person, which on the face of it sounds ridiculous given that on numerous occasions I have stood on a stage in front of several hundred people to demonstrate and educate hair.  Writing is something a lot more personal, I feel like I’m exposing myself to the world, and I feel much more vulnerable behind a keyboard than I do attached to a mic discussing the geometric shapes of haircuts. 

When I’m working in the salon I’m often told of the many nightmares people have faced when getting their hair done, from stylists cutting off too much length, not listening, not caring, or just lacking the knowledge to be able to give their clients the best hair and advice on how to maintain it.  Don’t get me wrong, I hate being the stereotype of a bitchy, gossiping hairdresser so I’m always very careful of how I respond to these stories, as it’s not always just the fault of that hairdresser.  Unfortunately, if they are not given the training and encouragement they need, they will lack confidence and passion, two essential ingredients to be a great hairdresser in my opinion.

The question I ask myself before even beginning to work with a new client is, ‘how would I feel if it was me sat in the chair?’  All I want is for everyone to have hair they love every day of the year!  Alas I can only accommodate so many people, so I’m writing this blog to answer the most gnawing questions regarding hair and help make every salon visit a good one.

P.S, as you can see I eventually came up with a name. The Hair Bones is a play on the expression “the bare bones”, as I will be breaking hairdressing down to the bare bones in this blog, to help you understand the industry from an insiders perspective.

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